NOTE 2: To appear in the FINAL graduation list, you need to have paid your graduation fees,passed your exams and met ALL requirements for you to graduate. This platform is only for verification of names.

1. Log in with username: "your Reg. No".( e.g SB91/PU/7060/19) and your ID Number as password

2. Incase your ID Number is not working, please use "pwani2020" as password

3. Log in and confirm your details

4. In case you encounter challenges:

4A.Seek Assitance through Online Help Desk .   
      i. Go to Pwani University Website
      ii. In Portals section, select ICT Online support
      iii. Click Submit a ticket
      iv. In the categories section, Select Graduation Portal Category
   You can access the online help desk through this link    PU Online Support Portal

   4BYou can also email:

5.However incase you had made a mistake and need to change, please send an email to